About Red Rattlers

Our Red Rattlers, Carriage 3261 & 3255 were built at Walsh Island Dockyards, Newcastle, Australia in 1928. They ran on the Sydney suburban lines for many years with their last journey being all stations to Campbelltown in July 1991. Carriage C3255 is said to have travelled 8.2 million kilometres during that time.

They were then sold at auction and ended up in a paddock in Tambar Springs, Central West New South Wales. There they sat for 13 years, abandoned and trashed.

The current owner, Fi Dee, tracked them down and trucked them here to Dungay, where she spent 4 years lovingly restoring them to their former glory. When you visit you can look through the coffee table book for a photographic journey of the trains over the past 15 years.

On the 8th May 2008 the Red Rattlers Gallery & Cafe opened to the public. The cafe became well known not just to locals, but to people all over Australia and some from abroad. The daily home-baked scones and cakes were a real drawcard, and people returned again and again, often travelling many miles to visit.


The owner/operator Fiona is an Artist and lead-lighter who displayed and sold a unique array of stained glass pieces throughout the gallery. You will see some of her work in the four doors at the ends of the carriages, which have beautiful leadlight inserts created by Fi. The gallery also supported a number of local craftspeople by offering them gallery space for their creations.

Mid 2019 a decision was made to start a new phase in the life of these Red Rattlers. They were given an internal make-over in preparation for a new and exciting future and are now ready to welcome guests once again.


The Red Rattlers will now be used exclusively for Weddings. These iconic vintage carriages will provide a unique and beautiful setting for photographs and creating beautiful new memories.

We guarantee celebrating your marriage at the Red Rattlers with family & friends will make it a magical day !