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Venue Address: 385 Tomewin Road Dungay NSW

Inspection Strictly by Appointment Only

Business Address: 114 McAuleys Road, Terranora NSW

The Red Rattlers are two lovingly restored 1928 train carriages. For the past 11 years they operated as a Red Rattlers Cafe & Gallery and became well known by locals and tourists from all around Australia... and overseas. Sadly for the many loyal, regular customers the Red Rattlers Cafe & Gallery closed in April 2019.


However they are not lost to the many fans and visitors who enjoyed their visits to Dungay and these beautiful treasures from the past. The Red Rattlers have had an internal makeover in preparation for their new role, and have been described by those who have had a sneak preview as - Sensational - Fantastic - Beautiful - Amazing - and we can't wait for you to see them too!

COMING SOON   - A Unique and beautiful new venue


Red Rattlers Weddings & Events

As we all know,  the current global situation has thrown people's lives into turmoil.  Everyone is affected in one way or another, and we can only follow government guidelines and all try to stay safe during this stressful time.

For the same reason, the launch of our website and marketing materials is on hold, due to cancellation of photo shoots etc. However we are ready and waiting, and once things settle down and everyone tries to get their lives back on track, we will pick up where we left off, and introduce this beautiful venue to you.

With all the challenges couples have faced due to cancellations, or rescheduling we hope we can help alleviate the stress for many couples.  We will be launching with an open calendar which will be impossible with other venues.  We all know how busy the wedding industry is, and how far ahead bookings need to be made.  Now instead of rescheduling for 6-12 months in advance... or more... we hope you will consider the Red Rattlers as your new venue.  We know you won't regret it!

Fill in your details on our Contact Form and we will contact you to discuss your needs, and if possible, arrange for you to view the venue.

Red Rattlers OPEN DAY

Would you like to be notified when we have our Open Day, so you can come along and see these beautiful carriages for yourself?

Please complete the Contact Form and add the message saying  'I wish to attend the open day'


Due to the Coronavirus plans for our Open Day have been put on hold.  

However you will be contacted as soon as we can set a date.

Check back regularly for further details on the launch of Red Rattlers Weddings

Better still... fill in your details on the Contact Form and let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you with more information.